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      Anna "thought the name was all from the song."And he allowed you to make this journey alone? he asked in those ultra-quiet tones which were always so ominous with him.

      Trafford looked stupidly at his arm.

      "Well, thank God you wish in vain! That's just been settled. I asked him--oh, don't look surprised at me. Good Lord! hadn't I the right to know?"

      She chattered about the camp and the old life as they rode along, and Trafford listened almost in silence. Now and again she would beg for a gallop, and would put the mare at racing speed over the smooth turf of the downs, so that Trafford had hard work to keep his heavier nag up with her. She seemed quite incapable of fatigue, and the light shone still more brightly in her eyes at every mile. At last, as they reached an outlying cottage, he insisted upon a halt. She was about to spring from the saddle, but he held up his hand with a smile.

      Whywhy have you come? Had he come to upbraid her, as he had done the night they parted? She looked at him with her brows drawn together.

      Flora made a gesture of delight but harkened on--


      God bless and keep you, my child! he said, tremulously, as he kissed her. Trafford, take care of my daughter!


      I think it would be better if you came.


      She did not draw away from him; but her head drooped.